KA Group provides consulting services to private, public and civil sector clients in the Balkan area countries, in the field of Management Consulting and Project Development Services.


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Team of KA Group

Our team is comprised of young, dynamic, knowledgeable and experienced people, constantly learning and upgrading consulting competencies to best serve our client's need. KA Group is established and managed by Mr. Vasko Karangeleski (MBA, CMC).

KA Group Consulting has established partnerships with other consulting companies and individual consultants, based on the belief that excellence and best customer value is added from consulting teams of consultants seeking excellence in their specialization fields. 

We permanently invest in the potential of our employees to become consultant leaders in the field of expertise and area of interest. 


KA Group is following the work principle that organizational knowledge and competencies come from three areas: Personal Competencies; Internal Structure and Processes and External Structure (example: networks of excellence, strategic alliances and partnerships).

In the period since April 2010 we have established and sustained permanent partnerships and alliances, enabling us to provide more efficient and effective consulting services:

  • Internal database of over 150 project development experts, mainly experts from the SEE region. This poll of consultants enables us to appropriately and relatively fast answer our client’s needs for different project development engagements.
  • Strategic partnership a multi-channeled market intelligence company based in Poland. This enables us to help our clients gain access and information about new markets, primarily in Central and East European markets, but also in Asian markets.
  • Strategic partnership for infrastructure, energy and environment. Working with our strategic corporate partner for several years, we established project based cooperation related to economic analysis, financial analysis, and social assessments of feasibility studies and consultancy projects related to: hidro energy plants, wind parks, sewage and water supply systems, irrigation systems.

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KA Group Consulting enhances challenge resolution of our clients, for organizations that require turn-around or expect future growth!

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