KA Group provides consulting services to private, public and civil sector clients in the Balkan area countries, in the field of Management Consulting and Project Development Services.


Services of KA Group

KA Group Consulting is providing wide range of consulting services to our clients from the private, public and civil sector in Macedonia and the Balkan region.

KA Group consulting services are grouped in following general service areas: Management Consulting and Project Management and Development services. 


Management Consulting

Project Development and Management 

Development services: Private sector development, regional and local economic development


In KA Group Consulting we rank the delivery of services in three groups:

1.Primary consulting services delivery

Core competencies and knowledge lies with partners and employees in KA Group Consulting, mainly focused on private organization consulting interventions.

2. Secondary consulting services delivery

Include services which are provided to clients with significant support from partner organizations and external consultants, where KA Group Consulting is managing consulting interventions.

3. Tertiary consulting services delivery

Includes development services of KA Group Consulting which are closely related to the first two groups of services, but have specific focus and usually include larger clients or projects, thus resulting in the role of KA Group Consulting as part of an consortium of companies.


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KA Group Consulting enhances challenge resolution of our clients, for organizations that require turn-around or expect future growth!

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