KA Group provides consulting services to private, public and civil sector clients in the Balkan area countries, in the field of Management Consulting and Project Development Services.

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KA Group services related to project management and project development include:project management-300x210

  • Project development (design and/or application preparation)
  • Program development
  • Project cycle management training and capacity building
  • Introduction of custom project management practices alligned with the company's operations
  • Capital budgeting & investment evaluation
  • Project evaluation
  • Assessment of potential and situation assessment (experience in regional; national; local and industry assessments)

In order to answer variety of our client's needs, we have established and maintain an internal database of over 110 project development experts, mainly from South-East Europe region. This poll of consultants enables us to appropriately answer to our client’s needs for different project development engagements.

Concerning applications for grant finance, we have specific experience in Project Development for different EU instruments for the public and civil sector, but also for private sector clients. Our key activities and experience in this area are the following:

  • Regularly updated annual list of calls for applications in the Western Balkan region.
  • Experience of project development for Universities, local authorities, business associations and national public institutions from Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.
  • Business Development Advisor for SPARK Netherlands, for private sector development projects in South East Europe.
  • Invested knowledge in project development for IPARD, FP7 and CIP

Most of the projects and programs developed by KA Group for the civil and public sector, fall within the area of Private sector development, covering topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, SME development, business advisory services, tourism, access to finance for SMEs.

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