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Macedonian exporters trained in German standards (KA Group in the Media)

Media coverage of KAPITAL magazine of the Export Management Training delivered by KA Group Consulting, to representatives from Macedonian companies, delivered in February and March 2016.

The training has been delivered by KA Group consulting, under the franchise of AHK - German chamber of industry and trade. 

KA Group will continue providing export management training courses. For future term for training and/or expression of interest/applicationos, please visit www.kagroup.net/izvoz 

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Start of the Export Management training

The EXPORT MANAGEMENT/ Foreign Trade Practices training has been delivered for the first time in February 2016.

The German chamber certificated training (developed and still ongoing as training for SMEs in Germany) is delivered by KA Group Consulting, in partnership with AHK.

The training has delivered the first part in February, followed by the second part from 10-12 March 2016.

The training has enabled trainees, mainly export management staff withing companies, to upgrade their knowledge in export management practices, tools and understanding of accessing foreign partners and markets. 



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Due to already present interest in second round of trainings by companies, we are enabling application for the next round to start now. The application process is following the principle first come - first served.

Apply for the next training round online here

Or download the MSword application form here 

Contact information: Phone:+389 2 55 11 535 ; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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